New Journey: Gain Momentum for the Downhill


“Where on earth are you going next….”.  Who knew that one simple question could change a person’s life.

I needed a change, I needed to wake up and learn something new.  I was given the opportunity to leave my comfort zone….. and I took it.  8 months ago I resigned from my health care administration position and stepped into the unknown world of travel coordinator.  What a fun ride it has been and I will use this forum to speak of my highs and lows and of course share my journeys.

I have a lot of traveling to catch up on and I don’t want to waste a minute. It is so cliche to say that life is short….but it really is.  I’m closing in on 50 and I want to catch the momentum on the downhill.

I have completed 2 international trips this year so far, and have a final one planned for the fall.  I experimented on my family first with a trip to Spain (families are great that way) and then I experimented with close friends (friends are great that way too) for my proof of concept trip to Holland.  In the fall I will be escorting 10 fabulous ladies on an adventure of a life time doing some volunteer work in Lima, Peru and then tackling the Inca Trail climaxing at Machu Picchu.  Not bad for my first year.

I have other trips in the works, including a bike trip to Napa Valley, a trip to South East Asia at the beginning of 2013 and an artist insider trip to Germany for fall 2013……  Off to a great start and gaining momentum with each booking.

Loving the journey, check back for updates and future trip offers.  Contact me at



2 comments on “New Journey: Gain Momentum for the Downhill

  1. Lisa Stepanian says:

    I really enjoyed your first blog entry. Your passion about this new venture really pops off the page. The Department of Tourism of Holland should know of your post and seek you out for a tourism ad. The Tulips look amazing in the photo; although, I suspect the photo does them no justice. Happy trials, my friend and enjoy the ride.

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