Visiting London Town

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is where kings and queens walk…….  This is where traitors are killed…..   This is where you get the best fish and chips…….  These are the words that kept coming to mind as I wandered around some of London’s most famous landmarks.  London in February is not for the faint of heart.  The weather was frigid with a light sleeting snow falling, but as a big city it is totally navigable with a good map and a Oyster subway card.


As a history buff I marvel at the depth of history in this place.  In one afternoon you can go from a 4600 year old stone ring (Stonehenge) to a roman bath (Town of Bath) to the halls that Henry the VIII walked (Hampton Court) and end up riding the London Eye (Ferris wheel off the Thames River).


The clash of cultures in London is evident everywhere you look.  Immigrants from the previous empire states has always been the backdrop of the city, but recently I have noticed even more continental Europeans in the shops and restaurants.  The international flavor of the city just gets better and better.


The cost of visiting London also gets more and more expensive.  A taxi ride from Heathrow to Central London will put you back £90.  In central London it is getting even more difficult to find a cheap meal, but I still find pubs the best deal – plus the beer is always a plus.  I’m sure you can do London on a budget, but I save it for a special splurge and treat myself to some of the luxuries the city offers.



One comment on “Visiting London Town

  1. Wayne Guerra says:

    Don’t forget to have a cocktail (my fav is
    a gIn and tonic) at Claridges, one of London’s most famous hotels and bar.

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