Brooklyn Bounty

I’m just back from a weekend in Brooklyn visiting my daughter.  I left Denver in a snowstorm and found myself in a green, fresh spring Brooklyn.  Who knew that I could feel more nature in Brooklyn than in Colorado?


As I walked around the neighborhood I noticed lots of color in the form of petunias in pots, pansies in window boxes, tulips and daffodils in clusters around the base of trees.  The trees were all in bloom with big tulip shaped flowers and some of the smaller blossoms fell like snow in the breeze.  The air was crisp and the streets lively with people, babies and dogs enjoying the promise of spring.


We wandered through the Brooklyn flea (best flea market ever).  We enjoyed a huge donut from the local bakery “Dough” and bought an odd collection of stuff.  You can buy just about anything at the flea.  Good selection of second hand stuff and local artisans.   I came home with quite a few treasures, of which my cobbler form for a man’s shoe is my most favorite.

Brooklyn yarn

We had breakfast at the Clinton Hill Café, and dinner at the General Greene.  Dinner was just an excuse to get to the best part of the meal, which is their salted caramel ice cream sundae – complete with cake and salted pretzels.

Pratt trees


The more we walked around, the more I had a sense of community.  I felt I had become a part of something.  On this spring morning, no one was pushing and hustling.  No one wanted or needed to be somewhere else.  Everyone wanted to be there, in Brooklyn on this beautiful warm spring Saturday morning.  It was a real treat to see this side of Brooklyn.