Setting out on the Inca Trail



Setting out to hike the Inca Trail for 4 days.  4 days with no showers, no proper facilities and thankfully no mirrors!! Wilbur, our head guide has trekked the Inca Trail for 25 years, and he claimed that this was the first all female group he had guided and coincidentally, this was the first group to run out of toilet paper – hmmmmmm.    Our porters and guides took extra care of us and always seemed to anticipate our needs.  We had minimal personal belongings but it still required 16 men to carry all our gear, food, water, and propane.  Under such careful supervision we had no injuries or mishaps, not even a blister!  As an example after a torrential rain/hail storm at the top of Warmiwanusca, “Dead Woman’s Pass” (we appreciated the irony) we were invited to hang all our wet clothes in the kitchen tent to dry – this just proves you can’t keep some of us out of the kitchen even on a camping trip!




Inca Royalty in Peru


9 of us women had been trekking the Inca Trail for 3 days, and according to our seasoned guides my poor friend was just walking too slow and she was in jeopardy of missing dinner at camp.  We quickly learned that you do not miss meals while hiking to Machu Picchu.  She had the honor of being “Inca Royalty” for the day as she hung on while the porter ran down the trail.  This was just one of the many life affirming, scary, push me beyond my limits moments that we had on a 2 week trip to Peru.