Bath: The perfect mix of Rome and Tea


Roman Baths. Lots of signs not to touch the water……got the feeling it would melt your skin off…..

On a one-day excursion from London to Bath on a frigid winters day you don’t get to see much, but what I did I truly enjoyed.  I ran off the bus, got my token to enter the Roman Bath museum and was transported to ancient Roman times.  I am such a sucker for a good audio guide and I was not disappointed.  I have been to the town of Bath 3 or 4 times since childhood, but they have done a superb job of renovating and making the visitor’s center interactive, I saw the “Baths” with fresh eyes.  I spent most of my allotted time “soaking” up the idealized version of the baths.  I still get a chill walking on the stones thinking that ancient Romans walked here (even though I know that there is a better chance that one of Jane Austen’s characters walked on the current pavers).


After wandering around the town for a few minutes (did I mention how cold it was) I decided to have a proper cream tea.  I ducked into a local teashop with rough hewn floors, creaky steps, low ceiling and a distinct smell of decay.  I enjoyed a pot of tea with a scone and real Devon cream.  Yummy!!  This was my true Jane Austen moment.


I liked this ladies hair……


So for my 2 hours in the town of Bath I entered two fantasy worlds.  After tea, I jumped on the bus, in which we did a quick tour of some beautiful Georgian Terrace houses and drove back to London with the sun at our back.  No time for cocktails, but did I mention it was warm in the bus……